Tandem FAQs

Can I order without visiting?

Yes you can as we supply detailed sizing forms for us to virtually design the tandem for you. Of course if you know your size and are both happy with the fit then let us know and we will work with the many stock sizes to fit you best.

Do you renovate and service any tandem?

Yes we do, recently on a Swallow Tandem that we built in 1984 was completely renovated, updated and sprayed in a new colour. Oh and it is still owned by the original owner! Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Are Tandems really that difficult to ride?

They are not necessarily difficult to ride, BUT to have a bad experience riding one means a possibility of never riding one again. Our Tandem Experience offers training and riding of quality Tandems to make a choice in whether Tandeming is suited for you both.  Our training covers over 150 a year and our experience extends into disabilities and height differences that commonly get mistaken as a negative to Tandeming.  Book a Tandem Experience

How do you transport Tandems?

There are many roof racks for tandems available for cars, motor homes and high vehicles.  Coupling Tandems (Separable and Co-Pilot) allows you to either carry your Tandem on the rear of a vehicle on a normal bicycle carrier or securely inside the vehicle.

How come Tandems can have 32 and 36 hole (or less!) rims?

There are two main reasons for Tandem wheels to be built with less spokes, instead of the original 40 & 48 hole. The first is that the rims in today’s world have benefited from the Downhill Mountain Market in development to retain lateral stiffness and strength due to its aero and box section along with higher grade of toughened aluminium.  The second reason is that the type of tandem riding is less heavy than in previous uses. We would advise on consulting with us on your needs.

I do not see any 'drag brakes' on your Tandems?

The term ‘drag brake’ referred to a air-cooled drum brake fitted to the rear which was activated on the start of a long descent to enable the front rider to reduce the use of rim brakes which not only created heat on already increased tyre pressure wheels but helped to ease the hand ache on holding the rim brakes on!  Today with again advances in the Downhill Mountain Market the disc brakes have come to replace this need.

How heavy are your Tandems?

Our Tandems can be as light as 15.5kilos / 34lbs but certainly no heavier than 22kilos / 48lbs.