Our History


The Tandem Shop was started by Peter Bird, who has a long history in the bicycle industry, designing frames and building some of the most enduring British custom built tandems.

Peter is the chief designer of Landescape Tandems and is also the technical director of The Tandem Shop. Together with Rob Wade, they have a reassuringly over 60 years experience in the cycle industry and have been designing and selling tandems for over 30 years.

We also run the businesses

The Tandem Experience which offers training in Tandem riding, Tandem Corporate Days and Tandem European Tours.

Bicycles by Design based also in our building runs the ‘Solo’ part of our business with the following brands:

  • Bespoke Swallow Bicycles (Hand-built by Peter & Rob)
  • Ridgeback
  • Genesis
  • Tout Terrain
  • Airnimal
  • Duratec
  • Co-Motion
  • Ironbridge

Alongside this we offer courses in Frame-Building, Wheel-Building and Bicycle-Building all very popular.